Try Mine

You should try some of my ice-cream, it’s really good I say.
There was some chocolate on the outside,
but it’s been mostly licked away.
The cone’s a little soggy but the taste remains the same.
So, try mine just a little bit and I’ll try yours again…

2021 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm

Sleeping In My Arms

The purity of innocent love and trust,
the peaceful bond between mother and child.
Treasured moments when life allows a pause
in the hectic routine of everything.
A moment to breathe and feel the warmth,
of that small body, so dependent and fragile,
and yet such a source of life and strength.

2019 – Acrylic on Paper
354 x 550 mm

Journey Home

Returning home after a day, a month, a thousand years
The evening light plays tricks on my old eyes
For a moment I thought I saw you waiting
Because If not for you, then why do I come home at all

2019 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm

Twisting Canopy

The majestic rain tree, home to insects and birds and sprouting epiphytes
A world within a world
Looking up into its verdant, green canopy
as the dappled light breaks through the leaves,
I am sheltered and calm and I feel the heartbeat of life through its presence.

2018 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm

Havana Sidecar

Havana is like nowhere else. It may be a winding story of highs and lows which has brought the city and its inhabitants to this point in time.

But there is pride and a depth of culture in its people and in its buildings. Some streets seem close to disintegration, but still seem to stand proudly, bolstered by the grandeur of history, and strengthened by the fortitude of their residents

2019 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm

Bangladesh Forest

The forest is an impressive labyrinth of colours and textures, shrouded in myth and inhabited by beasts, it is both protector and aggressor.
The midday sun is startling in its brightness, but in the lush green of the forest there is shelter under the canopy from the raw heat of the day.
We work together, we walk together.
We are a part of the forest and it is part of us

2019 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm

The World Outside*

Casting open the shutters,
light bursts into the once dark room.

Summer sunshine and birdsong disrupt the gloom.
I can feel my heart beating as I lean further forward
to breach the barrier between dark and light.

I inhale the fresh summer air,
fragrant with the smells of the abundant foliage.

A weight lifts from my soul.

2019 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm
*This painting has been sold


In seeming darkness there is also colour
and light and opportunity.

The future is unwritten, and the past is behind us.
Loneliness, fear and sadness, or inner peace,
resilience, and strength.

What we perceive may be a reflection
rather than a true image.

2019 – Acrylic on Paper
420 x 594 mm

Paper Marbling

Experiences in their small lives, fleeting yet impactful.
In a passing moment, a nexus of thought and growth,
changing the way they look at the world.
Gently coercing the paint into unique swirls and patterns,
they open a door to a world of creativity.

2018 – Acrylic on Paper
594 x 420 mm

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