Today we had our second Beach Clean-up activity, in conjunction with Stridy & Seastainable.

Another glorious morning, this time at Marine Cove in the East Coast Park.

This morning our efforts were mainly focussed on the carpark. With only 2 hours having passed since the street cleaners came through, it was incredible to see how much waste had just been tossed on the ground.

Plastic cups, straws, bags even used diapers (thanks for that!) and of course the ubiquitous cigarette butts.

We passed the time chatting, laughing and collecting. Thank you to the amazing group of people who joined us and made a small part of Singapore a bit cleaner this morning.

Special thanks again to Marcel, Sam and the Stridy Team for providing all of the rubbish collecting equipment and organising us. Keep up the amazing work Striders!

This was our last official organised clean-up as part of The Sea & The Sky exhibition colaboration. I’m pretty certain that many of us will be back out there with our clean-up gear before too long.

The exhibition is on for another week – ending on 17th April. so please visit if you haven’t already!

For those of you who want to set out on your own and clean-up this town, Stridy will soon be selling collecting tools on their website . But until then, there are plenty available on sites like Amazon.