Thank you to all who were able to attend the talk given by Samantha Thian at the Singapore Musical Box Museum on Saturday 2nd. Sam took us through the history of plastics, why they have become so harmful to the environment, and a glimmer of hope with some suggestions about what can be done about the problem. I think the big lesson of the day is that sustainability will not be solved by a few people practicing perfection, but by millions of people making imperfect efforts. This gave us some comfort!

Top questions of the day went to 8 year old Atari, who displayed an impressive knowledge of renewable energy sources! It’s refreshing to know that this knowledge is being provided to the next generation, who will hopefully be so much better equipt to deal with the problems that the generations before them.

On the 10th of April, Stridy are organising another beach clean-up excercise at east coast with friends and supports of the Arts. I’m happy to say we are fully booked!

The Sea & The Sky Exhibition will be on display for another couple of weeks until the 17th April so please go down if you have not yet had a chance.

Thanks to Sam, and to the team at The Musical Box Museum for hosting the talk. Hope to see you all again soon!